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Healthcare Professional Licensing​

At Royal Health Consultancy, we specialize in assisting healthcare professionals in obtaining the necessary licenses from esteemed regulatory bodies such as MOH (Ministry of Health), DHA (Dubai Health Authority), and DOH (Department of Health). Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout the licensing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or any other healthcare professional, we have the expertise to navigate the requirements and procedures of these regulatory bodies, helping you achieve the necessary licensing for your practice. 

New professional licensing

Seamless Licensing for New Professionals: Launch Your Healthcare Career

Embarking on a healthcare career? We offer comprehensive licensing services tailored to new professionals. Streamline the process and step confidently into your healthcare journey with us.

Transfer professional license​

Effortless Transfer of Professional License: Seamless Transition for Healthcare Professionals

Looking to transfer your professional license? We specialize in providing hassle-free license transfer services, ensuring a smooth transition for healthcare professionals. Trust us to handle the process seamlessly.

Change of title / Upgrade professional license ​

Effortless Title Change and License Upgrade Services: Propel Your Healthcare Career

Ready to advance your healthcare career? We offer seamless services for title changes and license upgrades. Unlock your potential with us.

E-Tarasol registration

Streamlined E-Tarasol Registration: Embrace Digital Efficiency in Healthcare

Experience the ease of E-Tarasol registration with us. Simplify the process and embrace digital efficiency for your healthcare practice.

Dataflow verification​

Effortless Title Change and License Upgrade Services: Propel Your Healthcare Career

Ready to advance your healthcare career? We offer seamless services for title changes and license upgrades. Unlock your potential with us.

Exam registration (Prometric/ Pearson VUE)

Simplified Exam Registration: Seamlessly Access Prometric and Pearson VUE Exams

Seamlessly register for Prometric and Pearson VUE exams with us. Simplify the process and gain easy access to your exams.

Activation professional license

Effortless License Activation: Seamlessly Activate Your Professional License

Activate your professional license seamlessly with our streamlined services. Experience effortless license activation for your professional career.

Professional license Renewal

Smooth License Renewal: Seamlessly Renew Your Professional License

Renew your professional license seamlessly with our streamlined services. Experience smooth license renewal for your professional career.

CPD/CME Trainings

Enhance Your Expertise: Seamless (MOH/DHA/DOH) CPD/CME Trainings

Expand your expertise with our seamless (MOH/DHA/DOH) CPD/CME trainings. Elevate your professional knowledge through hassle-free educational programs.

Internship program registration

Launch Your Career: Seamless Internship Program Registration

Kickstart your career with our seamless internship program registration. Unlock opportunities and gain valuable experience effortlessly.

Clinical attachment program registration

Immerse in Clinical Experience: Seamless Attachment Program Registration

Embark on a clinical attachment program with our seamless registration process. Gain hands-on experience effortlessly and enhance your skills.

Residency program registration

Step into Residency: Seamless Program Registration

Enter the world of residency with our streamlined registration process. Seamlessly join a program and shape your medical career.

Healthcare facility services

Elevate Your Facility: Seamless Healthcare Services

Enhance your healthcare facility with our seamless services. Elevate operations and deliver exceptional care effortlessly.

Complete Facility licensing

Streamlined Facility Licensing: Elevate Your Healthcare Operations

Simplify facility licensing with our seamless services. Elevate your healthcare operations and ensure compliance effortlessly.

Healthcare Management Services

Enhance Healthcare Operations: Expert Management Services

Improve healthcare operations with our comprehensive management services. Streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and deliver quality care effortlessly.

Maintain Clinic Operations

Ensure Smooth Clinic Operations: Expert Management Services

Optimize your clinic operations with our comprehensive management services. Streamline processes and maintain seamless efficiency effortlessly.

Auditing & accreditation

Ensure Compliance and Accreditation: Expert Auditing Services

Enhance compliance and accreditation with our comprehensive auditing services. Maintain standards and achieve recognition effortlessly.

Surveying & Evaluating Services

Enhance Performance Assessment: Expert Surveying Services

Improve performance evaluation with our comprehensive surveying services. Gain insights and enhance outcomes effortlessly.

Corporate Services Provider

Streamlined Corporate Solutions: Expert Provider Services

Simplify corporate operations with our comprehensive solutions. Enhance efficiency and achieve success effortlessly.

JCI Accreditation

Attain JCI Accreditation: Expert Auditing Services

Achieve JCI accreditation with our comprehensive auditing services. Maintain standards and gain international recognition effortlessly.

HIS: Health Information Systems

Transform Healthcare Data Management: Expert HIS Services

Optimize health information systems with our comprehensive services. Streamline data management and enhance healthcare outcomes effortlessly.

Design Services

Innovative Design Solutions: Expert Design Services

Unlock creativity with our comprehensive design solutions. Enhance visual appeal and achieve excellence effortlessly.

Commercial Information Services

Insightful Commercial Intelligence: Expert Information Services

Gain valuable business insights with our comprehensive information services. Empower decision-making and achieve success effortlessly.

Project Management Services

Efficient Project Execution: Expert Management Services

Ensure successful project outcomes with our comprehensive management services. Streamline execution and achieve results effortlessly.

All Kind of Insurance Services

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions: Expert Insurance Services

Protect your assets with our comprehensive insurance services. Safeguard your investments and gain peace of mind effortlessly.

Medical Treatment Facilitation Services

Seamless Medical Assistance: Expert Treatment Facilitation

Navigate medical treatment seamlessly with our comprehensive facilitation services. Access quality care and support effortlessly.

Health Awareness Services

Promote Health Awareness: Expert Awareness Services

Raise awareness about health with our comprehensive services. Empower individuals and communities effortlessly.

Marketing Services via Social Media

Boost Your Brand on Social Media: Expert Marketing Services

Amplify your brand presence with our comprehensive social media marketing services. Reach and engage your audience effortlessly.

Develop and Recruit

Build and Attract Talent: Expert Recruitment Services

Foster growth by attracting top talent with our comprehensive recruitment services. Develop your team effortlessly.

Pre-employment Preparation

Prepare for Success: Expert Pre-employment Services

Equip yourself for success with our comprehensive pre-employment preparation services. Secure your dream job effortlessly.

Work Permit, Visa and Emirates ID

Seamless Document Processing: Expert Work Permit Services

Simplify work permits, visas, and Emirates ID processing with our comprehensive services. Navigate bureaucracy effortlessly.


Efficient Payroll Management: Expert Payroll Services

Streamline payroll processes with our comprehensive management services. Ensure accurate and timely payments effortlessly.

Medical Malpractice, Health and Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Expert Liability and Compensation Services

Protect against medical malpractice and workplace injuries with our comprehensive insurance services. Ensure coverage and peace of mind effortlessly.

HR Management

Optimize Workforce Management: Expert HR Services

Streamline HR operations with our comprehensive management services. Enhance employee engagement and productivity effortlessly.

HSI: Health and Safety Institute

Promote Safety Excellence: Expert Health and Safety Services

Ensure a safe work environment with our comprehensive health and safety services. Cultivate a culture of excellence effortlessly.

Medical coding course registration and certification

Advance Your Career: Expert Medical Coding Services

Enroll in our comprehensive coding course for registration and certification. Elevate your career effortlessly.

IETS & OET exam registration

Seamless Language Proficiency Exams: Expert Exam Registration

Register for IETS & OET exams effortlessly with our comprehensive services. Achieve language proficiency effortlessly.

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